Mumbai GPS Mobile APP
  • December 15, 2018

MUMBAI GPS ENTERPRISES is renowned firm dealing in GPS industry in Maharashtra region. With its expansion model, MUMBAI GPS ENTERPRISES came across the whitelabeling solution via VoxTrail Software Solutions. Mumbai GPS Mobile App is a high defined, new conceptualized designed outlook, intuit featured mobile tool with advance GPS tool functionalities that are easy to use and are compatible with every sect of users right from the layman to big corporate owners.

Discover the foremost features of Mumbai GPS Mobile App –

Interactive Map- The entirely interactive map surely displays all your vehicles that are connected with Mumbai GPS Mobile App. You can add a good number of vehicles with on our Mumbai GPS Mobile App. Use your two fingers to tilt the tracking map according to your View! You can as well switch between satellite, streets, as well as Open Street Map view.

Real-Time Tracking- If you are pointing for your vehicle, you don’t need to gain the position updates and movements, just every few seconds. Mumbai GPS Mobile App sends you an updated tracking position of every second with the help of LIVE or Real-Time Tracking attribute.

Track Sharing- You can as well share the position and other details of your vehicles with your friends & family members with the help of Mumbai GPS Mobile App. This feature is very helpful when your vehicle runs away or your loved ones struck in any kind of strange activity.

Activity Monitoring- Would you like to maintain track of your driver’s activity level? Now, you can monitor your asset whereabouts and driver’s activity from the Mumbai GPS Mobile App. You are also be able to monitor the distance traveled & amount of time your GPS Tracker has been active.

Notifications- With the help of foremost Mumbai GPS Mobile App you get notified as soon as your vehicle leaves the pre-defined area, for example, your geo-fence created or any restricted area. Notifications, SMS, emails, pop-ups can be directly received on your smart phones and/or via emails.

Location History- Observe the sketch of where your vehicles have been located! With the simple tap of your mobile key, you can observe the track & where your vehicle has been!

Moreover, the Mumbai GPS Mobile App is known as the cutting-edge GPS Technology which is strictly bind to offer UI features and acts as a newly defined handset tracking device especially for the GPS providers. MUMBAI GPS ENTERPRISES has embarked the new concept of GPS vehicle tracking mobile app along with leading IT Solutions via VoxTrail Software Solutions.
Thus, we recommend VoxTrail Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. for happy clients, services & innovation, and quality products.