Mumbai GPS Software Whitelabelled Via VoxTrail
  • November 30, 2018

Living in the modern world technologies offers a plenty of technical opportunities. Embark on Mumbai GPS Software, a new GPS Tracking Tool with an extensive range of functions that have numerous excellent & useful features. Mumbai GPS Software is designed in a user-friendly way and is based on the experience of plentiful tracking programs & feedback of multiple users.
Mumbai GPS Software is an inception of VoxTrail Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. which is just like a boon to our business. A victorious association with VoxTrail Software Solutions, MUMBAI GPS ENTERPRISES has taken Whitelabeling solutions from VoxTrail. With advancement in the GPS term, Mumbai GPS Software is a new definition for track & trace functionality. The foremost solution which is best for the fleet managements, layman, logistics firm, and more is the hi-tech iconic illustration of security & safety with just one click.

Online tracking activity – It is the most important functionality of any GPS Software. Mumbai GPS Software which is integrated with Mumbai GPS Mobile App offers you to fetch real time location of the vehicle with high accuracy rate.

Events & Activity Status – Playback & history fetching is an ideal feature of the Mumbai GPS Software which enables to offer the user exact & accurate history information along with its unique trip playback option. Moreover, the vehicle number, GPS Device number together with the definite route & other activities happened are also been recorded in the activity log.

Geo-fencing Alerts – On the map you can set up the red zones, which should not be entered by the particular vehicle that you are monitoring or tracking. Once the vehicle approaches and crosses the boundaries of prohibited terrain, you receive a special alert. Moreover, between two or more geo-fence zones, user can even calculate & measure the fuel consumption rates.

24X7 Access – Fleet managements can nowadays virtually manage the ignition status of their vehicles. All through the theft action, consumer can cut-off the vehicle’s ignition supply & can discontinue the theft there & then of the vehicles and their assets. With Mumbai GPS Software, users can even assign the GPS Tracking Devices and can manage the same remotely anytime and anywhere.

Monitoring fuel consumption rates – This foremost feature will formulate the logistics corporation extremely pleased as it allows controlling the fuel consumption rates. You can also monitor whether your driver is driving the vehicle violently, quickly or slowly.

Mumbai GPS Software is a leading GPS Tracking Tool of the future. My commendation for all the layman and fleet owners who either supply a small market or a large market segment should opt for the VoxTrail Software Solutions Whitelabeling expertise for their result-oriented profits & revenues and of course, blessed you with happy clients.