Mumbai GPS B2B Platform –AASMA
  • December 8, 2018

We at MUMBAI GPS ENTERPRISE feel proud as we are associated with the GPS emperor VoxTrail Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. which showcases its reliable white labeling platform with us. Moreover, VoxTrail Software Solutions has come up with its unique concept of VoxTrail B2B Platform named as ‘AASMA’ and provide us a complete brand makeover in our business venture. Under this reliable and robust VoxTrail B2B Platform, all the dealers and distributors at PAN India Level will be associated with each other and represent their services, products, region, and capacity.

The foremost vision of VoxTrail Software Solutions regarding this B2B Platform AASMA is to create a superior network among the related bouncy players in the industry of GPS and have a complete focus on the things, such as –

Expand the venture sales and embark upon the presence at the National Level.

Boost the client funnel by superior marketing support with VoxTrail Software Solutions.

Reducing the pain points and the cost involved in the maintenance, services, and other aspects such as repairing cost.

Resource sharing at the negligible cost & time.

Moreover, if you are tired of paying huge amount of yearly subscription for your track and trail software, VoxTrail offers you robust Software which is free of cost and acts as the boon for your GPS organization. Quality that speaks, VoxTrail Software Solution’s – Aasma Platform provides three software which are free of cost, named as –


Lead Management

Software and White labeling App<

With the aid of VoxTrail B2B Platform – AASMA, MUMBAI GPS ENTERPRISE is been able to accomplish a growing marketing share & is moving towards the brand association among the consumers. VoxTrail B2B Platform – Aasma acquaintances all the forthcoming & existing GPS authority under one roof furnishing them with subsequent competencies, such as –

Bigger presence of venture on the national level

Resource Sharing is been done at a minimal cost and time period thus making it affordable to use

Implementation of advance level GPS dexterity in the ongoing business thus opening worldwide opportunities

Marketing support so as to boost the consumers is been inculcated by VoxTrail Software Solutions to the associates

24X7 assistance in reducing the pain and cost involved in servicing, maintenance and repair aspects anytime anywhere

Networking via VoxTrail B2B Platform – Aasma helps us in doing the trading at all corners of India with a peace of mind

Thus, embark with VoxTrail B2B Platform – Aasma and grab the intuitive features such as white labeling software, cost-effective solutions, and growth expansion model for your GPS business venture and feel yourself pride among your clientele.